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SSH/SCP Enabler for Joggler

Updated: 5th November 2012

Download SSH/SCP Enabler v1.03 – (704KB)

Way back in the first days of Joggler hacking, the most important goal was telnet access into the native operating system. Telnet is a simple (and, by default, insecure) method of accessing a UNIX shell. Almost immediately after telnet access was achieved, the next goal was enabling Secure Shell access, or SSH.

This was achieved quite some time ago, and tools like this one have been in use for a while. However, other than getting SSH running, they did little else (and could even cause problems if run more than once). That’s why I put together this little enabler.

The basic difference is that this tool will enable SSH for secure shell and SCP for secure file copying. It can be safely run as many times as you like, and will reset the password of a Joggler should you forget it. It also includes a small script that makes changing the password very easy.


This is the standard patching procedure for Jogglers running the native operating system:

  1. Download the zip file and copy the contents to a FAT formatted USB stick.
  2. Make sure you have copied all the files, including the ‘.sum’ file.
  3. Plug the USB stick into a powered-off Joggler.
  4. Power on the Joggler and wait until the normal interface appears.

Please consult the README file in the archive for more details.

When the script has completed, your Joggler should beep twice. By default the username and password are:

  • Username: joggler
  • Password: joggler

You should now be able to get SSH and SCP access using a Terminal application (such as on Mac OS X or PuTTY on Windows) or via a file transfer utility.

ssh joggler@<ip_of_your_joggler>

You can find your Joggler’s IP address by using the Settings app and choosing ‘Network’. To change your password, keep the USB stick attached to the Joggler, log in using the details above and issue the following command:

/mnt/ <password>

This will change the Joggler user’s password.

Be careful what you type, as the Joggler user has ‘root privileges’. In other words, you can delete the entire OS(Operating System) and overwrite system files that will leave your Joggler needing the Reflash Tool.


“It just hasn’t worked.”

Make sure that you are running software version 26635.S3 (June 25 2010). You can check using the Settings app and choosing ‘About’. Also, make sure you copied the ‘.sum’ file to your USB stick; this is a hidden file on UNIX-based systems.

Occasionally it can take a few minutes for the daemon to start, so wait for 5 minutes before giving up. If it still doesn’t allow you access, reboot and try again. You can rerun the installation procedure as many times as you like.

“It didn’t beep to let me know it had finished.”

This happens occasionally when everything is finished before the audio system has fully loaded. Your Joggler was just pretty speedy running the script; don’t worry about it.

“I’ve forgotten my password!”

Just rerun the installation procedure and your password will be reset to ‘joggler’.

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