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Another Tech Blog!

Because of the day job, and because I’m interested, I end up messing around with all sorts of kit. Occasionally I will take an unhealthy interest in something and it’s at that point it’ll probably start appearing on this site. The main things so far have been the AlertMe home automation system (which has become the British Gas ‘Hive’ system these days) and the spiffing O2 Joggler.

If you also have an interest in tech, the hope is that there’ll be a few bits and pieces on here that might prove distracting; possibly even useful, though I can make no promises on that second one.


I have no expectations of people’s involvement with Birds Like Wires, but some folk have been generous enough to donate their time and occasionally even buy me a beer. The software development work, particularly diddling around with the Joggler devices, frequently drives me to the beer at the bottom of the fridge as it chews up time, effort and bandwidth. :)

Get Involved

One great way of contributing is to leave a helpful comment on an article, or point out something that I’ve done in a ridiculous way and suggest a better method. As a wise Reddit user probably once said, “the gold is in the comments”.

The site commenting system has shuffled over to Twitter these days, because I was frankly terrible at keeping up with the things people posted here. Just hit the ‘Tweet’ button at the bottom of any article and you’ll get a little message box that you can use to send a message. If you could leave the hashtags there, that would be grand; they’ll help people find your message more easily in the future, because they hook in to the comment count at the top of each article that gets posted.


The other way is old school and I like to think of it as a virtual pint. If you think it’s your turn at the bar, thank you, it’s really appreciated. I think this button still works.
Donate Seeds

I do have a Patreon page, because doesn’t everybody these days, but I don’t really expect anybody to use it. Sometimes I put these things together just to see how they work behind the scenes. :)

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the site!
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