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Hive SmartPlug SLP2 Disassembly

Here’s the part where I realise that I hadn’t taken a peek inside the SLP2 plug in that last video.

As I think I mention more than once, there’s more going on inside this version; or rather the end result is just the same, but it’s using more components.

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Prevent Automounting on macOS

With huge external drives being far more affordable these days I usually have one hooked up permanently to my laptop dock for Time Machine. But I don’t need all that space dedicated to backup, so it gets chopped up into a backup partition, an encrypted APFS storage container and a bunch of 20 GB partitions which hold a bootable macOS backup, plus a couple of recent macOS installers – just in case I end up having a really bad day.

However, in common with many Mac users I’m sure, I can’t be dealing with all that clutter on the desktop or Finder sidebar when so many partitions are mounted. What a mess! Luckily, /etc/fstab is still a thing you can use in macOS Mojave, so there’s a quick and easy way to prevent these emergency-use volumes from mounting automatically.

First of all, plug in the drive and let everything mount, then fire off a diskutil list in Terminal. You’ll see all of your drives and their identifiers. In my example the external drive shows up as disk2 with various partitions being disk2s1, disk2s2, etc.

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AlertMe SmartPlug Battery Replacement

Sometimes it’s easier to show than tell, so I’ve bashed together a quick video showing how to remove (or replace) the battery in an early AlertMe SPG100 SmartPlug.

Apologies, I seem to be channelling somebody else in my presentation style.

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