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About the Birds

It’s another technology blog!

Because of the day job, and because I’m interested, I end up messing about with all sorts of bits and pieces. Occasionally I will take an unhealthy interest in them and it’s at that point they’ll probably start appearing on this site. The main ones so far have been the AlertMe home automation system and the spiffing O2 Joggler. Poor things.

If you also have an interest in tech, the hope is that there’ll be a few bits and pieces on here that might prove distracting, or possibly even useful.


Get Involved!

I started this blog to keep track of things that I would otherwise forget, witter about things I like and to contribute something which could be vaguely useful to the internet. Much better than having a bunch of text files hidden away somewhere.

There are a few things, particularly my work on the Joggler, which take a little more time, effort and bandwidth. So, if you find something on here useful, there are couple of things you could do that would help.

One great way of contributing is to leave a helpful comment on an article, or point out something that I’ve done in a ridiculous way and suggest a better method. Comments on articles I’ve read online have often shown me better ways of doing things, and that’s invaluable. The commenting system has shuffled over to Twitter these days, so just hit the ‘Tweet’ button on any article and type away. Leave the hashtags there if you can; they’ll help people find your message more easily in the future.


The other way is a touch old skool. I like to think of it as buying me a pint and if you’d like to do so, thank you. It’s really appreciated.

Donate Seeds

NB: Donations with a note specifying that it can only be spent on beer will be strictly adhered to.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the site!
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