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Recovering a TeraStation

One happy TeraStation back in working order.

Recently, I had one of these land in my lap. Not literally, thankfully, as they weigh a ton and have pointy edges; regardless, I have one in my possession.

This particular box is an ARM-powered TeraStation Pro v2, and, as is the way with these things, it was broken. Retired from it’s backup duties, it had sat underneath a desk for some time with what I assumed would be a straightforward problem to fix. On applying some power it became obvious from the incessant beeping that drive 3 was kaput. So I had a little fight with it, swapping drives and breaking the cheap and superfluous little plastic clips on the carriers.

Eventually, I managed to make it appear happy by removing both drives 3 and 4 – then it got stuck booting and I pulled the plug. Powering back up I was treated to this happy little message on the screen:

TFTP MODE E06: Lost boot image

Well, at least that’s different problem to not knowing the admin password, I suppose.

Recovery with TFTP

When you see the E06 error, the TeraStation will sit with the IP address and repeatedly try to fetch files from a TFTP server at Thankfully, the way in which it does this is pretty sensible; so long as you have a TFTP server running on that IP address, and it’s hosting the files from a firmware update, it should fetch those files and spring back to life almost immediately. I used TFTP Server for Mac OS X, but there are numerous ones available for other platforms. The free TFTP from SolarWinds works well on Windows.

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