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New Forum for AlertMe

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Way back in April of last year I wrote an article about AlertMe, the home security / energy / automation system I have in my house. I like it very much, but unfortunately the company has closed down it’s online forum for reasons unknown. The system may be great, but communication isn’t one of their strong suits.

So I’ve picked up where they left off and started a new AlertMe Users’ Forum where us AlertMe lot can get together. There’s even a special ‘Grumbles and Gripes’ area, which I guess will be the most popular to begin with! Those of you who are familiar with the O2 Joggler Forum will no doubt recognise the layout (thanks for your pointers with that, Jools).

Obviously it’s an unofficial forum and doesn’t have any ties to Ltd., but I hope it will grow into a useful, open, collaborative environment over time. The only issue is getting the word out, as reaching the old forum is a little tricky these days. So if you have an AlertMe system, or know somebody that does, could you spread the word? Thanks!

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